Stratford, Fountain Pen, Cream & Black w/Gold Plated Trim

The question that comes to mind with this particular fountain pen is whether it is Strarford by Salz Pen Company or Salz made by Stratford Company, as they are both one and the same company which was located in the Salz Building in New York City.

Lever filler; excellent color in barrel and cap with no discoloration or fading; no barrel imprint; Stratford imprinted in lever; some tiny bit of wear in lever plating; cap band plating excellent; plating of clip and cap top decorative ring shows wear and loss of plating; 14 karat gold warranted SEMI-FLEXIBLE/FINE nib; is smooth; overall very good condition with no nicks, chips or cracks in barrel or cap; pen is 5-1/8" capped, and 6-1/16" open with posted cap; would make a nice, inexpensive daily writer; RESTORED AND WORKING.

Images by Darla Aniline Photography