Parker, Royal Challenger Fountain Pen & Pencil Set, Red & Black w/Goldfill Trim

Fountain pen is button filler; pencil is twist activated; bold red and black herringbone stripe pattern; excellent color in both items with no fading or discoloration; very crisp imprints; no brassing or wear of goldfill trim, clips, cap rings, or pencil ferrule; no dings in ferrule; fountain pen has original cap and barrel jewels intact; pencil's original black cap jew is intact; fountain pen ink view window is clear; 14 karat gold SEMI-FLEXIBLE/FINE nib; excellent overall condition with minimum of scuffs and no nicks, chips or cracks in either item; fountain pen measures 5-1/8" capped, and 5-1/16" open with posted cap; pencil is 4-11/16" in length; set is RESTORED AND WORKING.