Marble Paperweight, Rick Davis, "Summer Fun"

Marble by Rick Davis; handmade in colors of white, adventurine green, mustard yellow and orange in a pulled feather pattern; 1-1/2" in diameter; shipped with black plastic marble stand; signed: Rick Davis 11.

This is a new handmade marble, offered for the collector's market.

A History of the Davis Family Glass Art:

Jim Davis and Sons was West Virginia's first family of marble makers. Jim (1930 - 2007) started the business in 1967. In the 1990's his sons,  (7 in total), started working with Jim in his glass studio and started crafting marbles and other glass art and objects. Jim eventually encouraged his sons to take over the business. 

Steve, the oldest son, had spent much time in the studio learning the different techniques his dad used in making marbles. He worked many years in an automotive plant and was the first son to retire early and work full time making contemporary art glass marbles.

More on the history of the Davis Family Glass Art can be found at the Natural Marble Museum at the Museum of American Glass here: