Jewelry, Bracelet, Pendant & Ring Set, Sterling Silver & Turquoise (Native American)

Bracelet, pendant and ring set of traditional design by Navajo artisan Sammy Smith  All pieces contain Manassa turquoise, which is natural and not stabilized with resin or epoxy.  The bracelet measures 2-1/4" in diameter, with back opening at 1-1/4" across.  Ring is size 7, measuring are approximately 1" x 1" across the face.  The pendant measures 1-3/4" long x 7/8" wide.  All three pieces are stamped STERLING.

Manassa Turquoise: 

Southwestern turquoise jewelry made with Kings Manassa Turquoise is truly unique and is true Western Americana.  Manassa turquoise jewelry is historic today as it is made by an artisan from the Southwest, as Manassa turquoise was one of the first turquoise mines discovered by the Anasazi Indians over one thousand years ago. 

Manassa turquoise jewelry is beautifully different from most, as the color range of the turquoise has phenomenal blue-green to emerald green colors with golden matrix that is outstanding.  Southwestern styled jewelry made with this material has a look unto itself that cannot be reproduced with any other turquoise in the world.

This stone is a favorite of gold and silversmiths in the sSouthwest, when they can get it!  Most of the Colorado turquoise mines are not operational at this time.

Photos by Darla Aniline Photography.