Carter's INX, 9125 Fountain Pen, Jade Green w/Goldfill Trim - VP4581

Lever filler; lively jade green color mottled with white specks; barrel has slight discoloration at barrel end, just below threads; cap is discolored at cap top and breather holes (obviously stored flat filled with ink for some years); otherwise excellent condition with no chips, nicks or cracks; no brassing of cap rings or clip; very crisp imprint; made by Carter Ink Company, Chicago, IL, circa 1928 - 1930; smooth 14 karat gold Carter INK FLEXIBLE/FINE nib; measures 5" capped, and 6-1/8" open with open with posted cap; RESTORED AND WORKING.

Carter Ink Company was founded in 1857, eventually producing their fountain pens in the 1920's and 1930's with what was believed the leftover patents and stock from the Laughlin Pen Company.  Their pens included unusual colors not found in other pen lines, but the Depression put a major crimp in fountain pen sales and Carter left the pen business in 1931 to return to selling only inks.